Modi’s New Friend in Telugu State

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have got a new friend…err…’political friend’ in one of the Telugu states. It’s none other than KCR. TRS voting for NDA’s candidate Harivansh in the crucial Deputy Chairman election in Rajya Sabha and playing significant role in his victory has proved the bond between TRS and BJP.

KCR and KTR’s series of meetings with Modi and Modi’s praises on KCR in Lok Sabha during the No-Confidence Motion have already indicated growing friendship between TRS and BJP. However, TRS MPs voting for NDA candidate has now proved the speculations.

As BJP needs new friends after Naidu’s exit and since KCR is enemy of Congress, naturally, TRS became a dear friend to Modi. It is now buzzed that KCR would also have a backroom understanding in the general elections 2019 and may have a post-poll alliance with the Lotus party and will have a pre-poll tie-up with MIM. This is tricky but KCR is confident of pulling it off with ease.

Now, Congress has to look out for its weapons to take on TRS-BJP combine in Telangana.