Modi’s No-Confidence Motion Speech: Ignores TDP, Targets Congress

After a dramatic day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his speech over the no-confidence motion introduced by the TDP in the Parliament. But Modi ignored the TDP and targeted the Congress in his counter attack. Amid loud protests by the TDP MPs, Modi started his speech, terming the no-confidence motion a “strength to the democracy”.

Modi requested all the house members to reject the no-confidence motion and stand by a government that was put in place after getting a full majority.

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi’ Jaadu Ki Jhappi and the amusing wink that followed, Modi said that he was surprised at Rahul Gandhi’s excitement to come and hug him. “What is the hurry? You should trust the people in a democracy,” Modi said, mocking Rahul Gandhi’s ambition to become the PM in 2019.

“Some people said that I can’t stand for at least 15 minutes. But here I am, standing and proud of my work. Remember, nobody can decide who should sir or stand, it’s the country that decides,” said Modi.