Mohan Babu & Chiru missing the touch of hot beauties !

Whether they say it or not, these friendly looking stars of Tollywood always have that hairline ego between themselves. But, Mohan Babu is many times caught imitating Chiru’s acts. Same thing happened once more!
There is a lot of difference between the statures of two as heroes of Tollywood, but not between their desires. Though both of them retired from ‘heroism’ some time ago, still their craving for hot babes is not stopping. During ‘Racha’ audio function, Chiru showed his madness to shake his leg with milky beauty Tamanna. They say that she is one irresistible beauty who can flow life in stones also. Now, Mohanbabu is also expressing similar desire for a long legged seductress.
Our dialogue king conveyed on ‘Oo Kodathara Ulikki Padathaara’ audio release stage that he regrets of leaving full-time films, otherwise he would have rocked with Deeksha Seth. Observers are saying that both these veteran heroes are missing the touch of hot beauties in their aged hands. Don’t read between the lines!