Mohan Babu Family Split Over Award!

Yesterday, Mohan Babu’s star kid received his first honor from the state government of Andhra Pradesh. Insiders are stating that the top family of Tollywood is divided over this ‘award’.
Manchu Manoj got his share of appreciation yesterday, by receiving a Nandi award for his stunning performance in ‘Vedam’. However, one expects Mohan Babu to be present at the venue, where Manoj deserves a huge applause. But, except his mother, none from the family were present at the award ceremony to cheer him.
Insiders are saying that both Mohan Babu and his elder son Vishnu are in town involving in an upcoming movie script discussion. Is script-work that important than cheering Manoj for his ‘Nandi Award’ is the question of many fans. Analysts are saying that Manoj’s award that too for the movie of opponent and mega hero Allu Arjun’s ‘Vedam’ is not going well in the family. They say all are friends off-screen. Then why is this discrimination within the family?