Mohan Babu insisted on fights and dances ?

Even though, maverick filmmaker RGV wanted to make a griping action thriller ‘Rowdy’ on the lines of Sarkar Raj, but veteran actor and producer Mohan Babu reportedly insisted to mix some action and romance to the film.

Unwilling to say no, RGV canned some breath-taking action sequences and few songs and Mohan Babu was quite happy, with his film shaping up into a full-fledged entertainer, instead of just a genre-specific factionist saga. Mohan Babu knows the pulse of Andhra viewers and has deftly added the glam quotient to lighten the mood and reach out to wider section of viewers since Telugu viewers mostly patronise full ‘entertainment’ and not just ‘serous stuff’.

This change in fact, will help RGV to score a hit and connect better with movie buffs and Mohan Babu’s suggestions could pay off.