Mohan Babu invites RamCharan-Upasna for Dinner!

Mohan Babu has proved once again that he is not only good at taking potshots at opponents, but also good at heart. Apparently, he invited the newly-wed Ram Charan and Upasana for dinner at his house.
Recently, Mohan Babu and Chiranjeevi graced the CineMAA Awards ceremony at Hyderabad. During this event, the versatile actor has expressed his wish to invite Ram Charan and Upasana for dinner. Chiru felt touched at his contemporary actor’s gesture and promised to him that he would inform the young couple about the special invitation immediately after their return from honeymoon.
With all possibility, Both Cherry and Upasana will be accepting the invitation and go to Mohan Babu’s house very soon. Seems like, the Mega and Manchu bonding is getting stronger like never before!