Mohan babu worried on Balayya Movie Release !

BalaKrishna’s previous film Adhinayakudu faced too many problems to see the light. The film was held in cans for almost six months and was finally released during a bad period and understandably went down the drain without a trace. Adhinayakudu struggling for release has done damage to the reputation of Balakrishna and the actor is aware of it.
Balakrishna knows that if his current film releases on time without any delay then those who pointed fingers against him during Adhinayakudu will shut their mouths. Therefore, Balayya is particular about releasing his current film Srimannarayana without any postponements. He has completed the film in a flash and guess what, Srimannarayana is getting ready for release shortly. The film’s audio will be launched on August 6.
Balakrishna hurrying up the release of Srimannarayana has been worrying Mohan Babu’s camp as their film Uu Kodatara Ulikkipadathara is due for release on July 27. Balakrishna plays a very important role in this film and if Srimannarayana releases within few weeks from UKUP, it would suffer at the box office. Mohan Babu’s camp hopes that there would be considerable gap between UKUP and Srimannarayana.