Mohan Babu’s Dinner Party for RamCharan,Upsana !

Versatile actor Mohan Babu who is known for his sensational speeches also has a very good reputation among industry folks for the value he gives for friendship. Reportedly, Mohan Babu who had a tiff with Chiranjeevi during Vajrotsavam festival now seems patched up with Mega Star’s family. Recently, when the duo spotted at CineMaa awards they had a brief conversation over by elections and Ram Charan, Upasna marriage.
And Mohan Babu who is known for his hospitality has extended a special invitation to Chiranjeevi and the newly wed couple Ram Charan and Upasna for a dinner party. Sources say that Chiranjeevi immediately said yes to Mohan Babu and added that they will attend the party only after Ram Charan and Upasna returns from their honeymoon. This is a good gesture from Mohan Babu and this incident is the best example for the people who believe in “time heals almost everything” saying!