Monarch ruling in Telangana’

For the first-time after Telangana has been carved out, Maoists have broken their silence and took on KCR-led government. The central committee of Moaists released a three-page letter under the name of noted Maoist leader and supreme commander of CPI (Maoist) Muppala Lakshman Rao alias Ganapathy. Reacting for the first-time on TRS-led government, Ganapathy took on Chief Minister KCR for his “misgovernance” and blamed him for the “farmers deaths” in Telangana. 
Maoists alleged that KCR is “afraid” of people’s movements and hence busy modernising police department.They also pointed out at issuing ultra-modern bullet-proof cars to ministers and stated that “government’s move implies that ministers life is in danger”. The letter, written in three different languages Telugu, English and Hindi, dubbed KCR as a “monarch” and alleged that “monarchy is there in Telangana”. While the 1st page of the letter talked about political scenario in West Bengal and took on Mamata Banerjee, the 2nd and 3rd page are completely written about Telangana government. 
Expressing serious dissent against Telangana government, Maoists asked T-govt. to immediately act against “Seemandhra capitalists” who are allegedly “looting Telangana” and its “wealth”. Maoists said that their “bandh” calls are being “forcibly broken” by influencing “shopkeepers” and “businesspersons”. It further alleged that “police personnel are continuing their attacks in agency areas”. 
Ganapathy, who has Rs 2.5 Crore bounty on him, is the most-wanted Maoist and national leader of the CPI (Maoist). Cops have started probe on the letter where it came from and how it came from. It is learnt that the letter is sent to journalists through Email. More details are yet to be emerged. Meanwhile, the government of Telangana and ministers are said to be in shock ever since the letter broke.