Mother and Lover Dragged Heroine To Bikini

At a very tender age, this heroine did some raunchy roles soaring the temperatures high with her dare-bare acts. Off course, behind every sexiest heroine, there is at least one family member bargaining out there for every undressed piece of cloth. Same is the case with Saranya!
With her sexy girl next door acts in a successful movie ’10th class’ long back, Saranya was expected a better position than she is now. When offers started pouring in as her money-minded mother attracted producers swiftly, she eloped with her lover for a quick marriage. After some turn of events like kidnap cases, ugly fights and emptied wallet, Saranya now wants to sizzle on silver screen again. For that, the babe got a steamy photoshoot done, which exposes her raw body in a bikini bra and hot-pant covered by a translucent piece of cloth.
Undoubtedly, Saranya’s mother who want to see her daughter as a big starlet and her husband who leads life with her earnings are the cause for these acts, say sources. These kind of stories are not new to the tinsel town, say it ‘Athiloka Sundari’ Sridevi or ‘Vanishing cylinder’ Aarthi Agarwal, sad but pity!