Mothkupalli Feels Babu Insulted Him

TDP’s only senior leader in Telangana Mothkupalli Narasimhulu has breathed fire on party president Chandrababu Naidu. Upset with Chandrababu for ignoring Mothkupalli and not inviting him for Naidu’s meeting with party workers, leaders in Telangana the other day, Mothkupalli recalled his association with TDP, its founder NT Ramarao and the party’s initial days ever since it is launched.

Recalling how he had been loyal with NTR till his last breath, Mothkupalli said that he has been showing same loyalty to Naidu as well. Mothkupalli even reminisced the tough times that TDP went through including Telangana movement during its peak time.

Mothkupalli said that he had supported Naidu to the core during Telangana movement. He even said that he never chased after posts or positions but always remained people’s leader and been loyal to TDP. “Many leaders of TDP have shifted their loyalties and became ministers. I remained the same for the party.”

Mothkupalli didn’t spare even Revanth Reddy. He said it was Revanths’ ‘Note For Vote’ case which pushed TDP into trouble and led to the downfall of the party in Telangana. Mothkupalli said that he stands by his earlier comment of merging TDP in Telangana with TRS in order to boost the confidence of TDP party workers.

Meanwhile, a section of party workers have met Chandrababu yesterday and demanded Naidu not to merge TDP into TRS. The party workers even threatened to commit suicide if Naidu merges TDP into TRS in Telangana following when Naidu assured them that TDP would remain the same and expressed his confidence over the revival of the party.