Movie lovers’ changing mindsets ?

For long it has been difficult to dissect the mindset of movie lovers. Many movie analysts and film critics used all their intelligence and tried their best to dissect but failed miserably. Many feel this is also similar to mentality of voters during elections who puts all renowned psephologists to shame.
Earlier during the golden era of tollywood movie lovers used to appreciate films which depict their realistic lives on silver screen. They used to appreciate movies with tragic endings. However their tastes changed with the passage of time and after some time people started appreciating films where heroes used to enact unbelievable stunts and do things which are not possible for normal humans.
Movie lovers used to see themselves in their favorite heroes and feel as if they were romancing stunning beauties, performing breath taking stunts and doing daring dances. This trend continued then after sometime they started appreciating mass masala entertainers where hero used to thrash villains black and blue knocking living daylights out of them. However passage of time made them fedup of bloodshed on silver screen and also sorrowful tales.
This resulted in them look for lighter vein comedy which can be noticed with the success of films like ‘Dookudu’, ‘Gabbar Singh’, ‘Sudigadu’ and ‘Eega’. All this shows that film makers should keep a close watch on changing tastes of movie lovers and make films accordingly.