Movie Placards At Charminar Draws Attention


Have you been to Charminar or any other happening place or traffic junction in Hyderabad recently? Definitely you would get to visit a bunch of youngsters holding placards and notice boards that read ‘Paatashala’. This is one unique promotion that is drawing all the attention at the moment.

Newcomer Mahi V Raghav has come up with a journey-comedy that is titled ‘Paatashala’. It happens to be a story of five friends who are on their way to reach a vacation spot and spend their weekend. Keeping the concept and presentation aside, these unique promotion ideas are working big time these days. Paatashala team has struck chord with that uniqueness and is raking curiosity. At various busy traffic centres and historical places in Hyderabad, these placards are standing tall. Hope the film will also live upto such ‘uniqueness’ and score a brownie.