How Much is Agnyaathavaasi’s Target?

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s highly anticipated ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ finally hit screens today amidst sky high expectations. Taking the craze into account, the film was sold for phenomenal prices and given a massive release across the world. Considering the special permissions from the govts of the Telugu states, the film is sure to take an earth shattering opening. Now film buffs must be wondering how much the film should recover to become a hit.

Agnyaathavaasi has done non-Baahubali record pre-release business, approx. 160 Cr, of which Rs 125 Cr was from worldwide theatrical rights. Except the Baahubali films, no Telugu film has so far collected that much amount from theatres, the current non-Baahubali record holder, ‘Khaidi No.150’ collected a worldwide share of Rs 105 Cr approx. So, setting up a new Non-Baahubali record won’t be enough, but Agnyaathavaasi should collect Rs 20 Cr more share than the current non-Baahubali record holder in order to just break even.

Breaking up the phenomenal theatrical business of Agnyaathavaasi, the Pawan-Trivikram combo film fetched around Rs 92 Cr from the Telugu states alone. 29 Cr from Nizam, 16 Cr from Ceded and the remaining from Andhra. Overseas rights were sold for a whopping Rs 19.5 Cr approx. Adding Karnataka and Rest of India business, the cumulative theatrical business reached approx. 125 Cr.

Recovering such huge sum is a herculean task indeed but given the advantages of Agnyaathavaasi, the film has chance to create history. Sankranthi season, two days early release from its competitors, permission to screen minimum 5 shows across the Telugu states for one week, record release for any Indian film in US etc. are the key advantages that may help the film to rake in maximum moolah in the first week irrespective of the talk.

Lets’s see if this biggie of Pawan can make buyers happy unlike the earlier films.