How Much Samantha Pocketed From U-Turn?

Though the initial numbers posted for U-Turn at the box office are little low, slowly the film is picking up. While it may be a gigantic task for the movie to get close to 16 crores ‘share’ as the theatricals are sold at that price, here is an interesting snippet on film’s leading lady.

Samantha proved once again that she could deliver stunning performances in a leading role even without a dash of glamorous touch. U-Turn is completely her film and she carried it quite well though the climax turned out to be a little jerky. However, she’s said to have pocketed her career-best number from this movie.

Produced by newcomers, Samantha is said to have charged only a token advance for the film and decided to take a cut from the pre-release business. On that note, she’s said to have received close to 3.8+ crores as her remuneration. Earlier, she’s charging around 1.25+ crores for her garam masala laced performance oriented roles.

Though there is no authentic over this figure, the film industry is buzzing that Samantha pocketed something close to Nayantara with this movie, as it happens to be a bilingual and she will be easily taking home 4 cores from now if the film performs quite well at box office. Let’s see what happens.