Mudragada’s Letter: Same Old Script on Naidu

Whenever Mudragada Padmanabham speaks out in media, he would talk very little on the substance and stress more on his verbal attack on CM Chandrababu Naidu. The retired politician and Kapu neta Mudragada has shot off a fresh letter to Chandrababu where he accused him of pitting Kapu community leaders from TDP against him. He alleged Naidu of acting smart and wise by pitting leaders from same caste against one another and dividing people.

Citing examples like IYR Krishna Rao, Ramana Deekshitulu instances, Mudragada had accused the TDP chief of instigating Brahmin leaders from TDP against them. He even said how a Dalit MLA had to face the ire of Dalit leaders of his party when he had raised the involvement of a few party people in his constituency. He went on and on about the caste division issues.

Lacking major substance, Mudragada’s letter primarily targeted at Naidu has an endless such accusations, allegations. Alleging that Naidu has some ‘disease’ to provoke leaders of same community against his detractors, he advised Naidu to get it treated by national-level doctors or international-level doctors.

Talking about the recent TTD issue, Mudragada demanded Chandrababu Naidu to seek CBI probe into the assets of TTD. Mudragada, the former Congress and TDP leader, demanded Naidu to ask Modi and sought a CBI probe in the properties of TTD.

One is wondering what is the point that Mudragada is trying to make as he is often repeating the same old script on Naidu.