Music director depends on Numerology for luck

Music director Kalyani Malik had decent musical hits like Ashta Chemma, Aithe, Andhrudu and Ala Modalaindi on his back but they could not give the much required thrust to his career. He recently composed music for Balakrishna’s Adhinayakudu and hoped the movie would change its fortunes but the movie bombed miserably leaving him in distress.
And now on the advice of a numerologist, He is going to change his screen name from ‘Kalyani Malik’ to Kalyani. Kalyani Malik has also changed his facebook profile from ‘Kalyani Malik’ to ‘Kalyani Koduri’. His next film will be in the direction of Indraganti Mohana Krishna and will be produced by Damodar (Ranjith Movies). Kalyani Malik has delivered a hit each (Ashta Chemma and Ala Modalaindi) in the past.