Music Director Turns Mediator For Devadas

Nagarjuna and Nani joined hands for the first time and the result is the just released multistarrer ‘Devadas’. Everyone, including fans, were surprised at how the 2-film-old director Sriram Adittya had convinced both the stars with his script.

Now, in an exclusive update, we have learnt that apart from Sriram Adittya, there was another key person who was involved in the setting up of the entire project. He is none other than veteran music composer Mani Sharma.

Apparently, Mani Sharma became quite close to Sriram Adittya ever since he had worked with the young director for Samanthakamani. Mani Sharma had acted as a mediator and even convinced both Nag and Nani and made them give their nod to Sriram Adittya’s script. Well, that’s some great help for the young director from an industry senior.