Music Director’s OA With Movie Title

This director is trying from a long time to prove his intelligence to the Telugu audiences and is attacking the BO one more time. He is also a music director and his name is RP Patnaik.
After leaving his instant-hit music, RP took the megaphone to prove his mettle as a music director. Off course, critics say that RP did a good job leaving his music career, as he is constantly copying his own tunes for his upcoming flicks. Previously he tumbled a couple of times in order to prove himself as a director after making some good-content but badly conceived films. Finally, he is now coming up with a movie titled FACEBOOK, targeting the youth audience.
While RP named his movie as ‘Muga Pusthakam’ in Tamil, he is straightly naming it as ‘FaceBook’ in Telugu to attract youth. However, many people are saying that RP is ‘Over Anxious’ with the title, as it took almost one year after completing the movie to go ahead for a release. On the other hand, ‘Facebook’ is quite popular in A centres, but people from B & C centres are reasonably unaware of this ‘social networking site’ which can surely affect their attendance in theaters.