‘Muslims should be allowed to offer prayers in Taj Mahal

Samajwadi Party leader and Uttar Pradesh’s minority affairs minister Azam Khan has courted yet another controversy and this time he has crossed all his boundaries and gave a call that Taj Mahal, India’s historic monument and one of the world’s wonder, should be “handed over” to Wakf Board. 
Azam Khan had said that the Taj Mahal is the tomb of two Muslims and should be handed over to the central Waqf Board. Naturally, this drew the ire of BJP leaders, including its minority leaders and also several social activists. “Azam Khan is trying to create a misunderstanding by making such comments. 
The Taj Mahal should not be politicized,” said BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain. Meanwhile, Lucknow Eidgah Imam Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangimahli had also shared Azam Khan’s sentiments, reportedly saying that Muslims should be “allowed to offer prayers” at the Taj Mahal.