My dad just named me Ram Charan !

While the media and the public has began referring to him by the name Ram Charan Tej since a very long time, the actor himself seems to be unhappy with it. He prefers to be called Ram Charan over Ram Charan Tej.
Finally, Charan has decided to clarify this to one and all. He used the social media to send this message the film lovers and the media. “My dad named me Ram Charan not Ram Charan Tej. So I feel good when people call me just “Ram Charan”. I also request the media to note this,” he wrote on his twitter page.
Now the question is why didn’t the actor object when the director’s used Ram Charan Teja in the title cards of his film. Times change, people change, tastes change! So everybody, from now onwards Mega Powerstar is just Ram Charan, not Ram Charan Tej!