Mysoora throws away Mic, walks out of TV9 Studio

Former Rajya Sabha member Mysoora Reddy lost his cool on Friday when the TV9 Anchor tried to grill him to expose the actual reasons behind his sudden love for Jagan.
In a shocking development, Mysoora met Jagan Today and conveyed his willingness to join the YSR Congress party. Following this incident, TDP immediately suspended him from the party.
In a face-to-face interview session, the anchor questioned the senior politician about what prompted him to join hands with Jagan, the person whom he described as the raja of corruption. When the anchor asked him to respond on TDP Rajya Sabha member CM Ramesh’s comments (Mysoora is a political prostitute), Mysoora alleged that all the questions were biased and the intention behind it is to create rift between me and TDP. In the end, he accused the media of not following the journalist ethics, stood up from his seat, throwed away his mic and walked out of the studio.
Mysoora was instrumental behind making of the book ‘Raja of Corruption’ against Jagan and he even distributed them to all the members of parliament including PM. What ethics did Mysoora follow by ditching parent party TDP and sailing with corrupt Jagan? Can he at least answer this question?