Mystery of Darsaka Dheera Rajamouli !

Director Rajamouli created a sensation when he with Mega Power Star Ram Charan as hero rewrote all tollywood records with ‘Magadheera’. He has the sole distinction of having 100% track record of presenting a hit to all tollywood top heroes and when those films are remade in other languages, those turned out to be stunning hits. Bollywood film makers got in touch with him and were waiting eagerly to accord red carpet welcome to him, but he in a press statement yesterday, ruled out his bollywood entry for another four years. Many thought it was the arrogance that got into his heart and mind after the enormous success of his ‘Eega’. They even cite his statements not to do films with star heroes. Then with whom does he do films?. None can expect success from upcoming heroes everytime.
The same people who are now speaking about Rajamouli’s arrogance complimented for his Eega success, breaking the stranglehold of top heroes on the industry with films centered around their heroics and family name. They cite Rajamouli was not given due accord and credit he deserved when Magadheera turned out to be a hit, with mega family trying to take entire credit for themselves. But if we try to unravel the mystery of Rajamouli then his reasoning seems to be right.
As such he can not plunge into bollywood, as he is busy with 3D conversion of his blockbuster Eega. Then he has film ‘Viswamithra’ with young Rebel Star Prabhas. There are even indications that he will be teaming up with Power Star Pawan Kalyan and also Prince Mahesh Babu. When news about Balakrishna’s 100th film cropped up, he nipped those rumors in bud itself. so even if we take two projects starting at the end of this year, then the next year will be finished and one doesn’t know what will be in store for future.