Mystery of Film Making !

Film making involves lot of struggle and to become a successful film maker it requires lot of work, tact in handling people, strong financial support. Even when people have all these skills and many more, tollywood has seen many film makers suffer huge losses and face complete wash out losing each and every penny. However when common man has a look at some of the film makers, one wonder how quickly they are producing the films and from where they are getting finances that are required for producing films. 
Many are casting doubts on sources of their funds considering huge costs involved in film making and similarly the risks associated with it. Most of the films in tollywood film industry are produced by giants like RR Movie Makers and recently Reliance and UTV motion pictures entered the arena. The remaining 90% of the top heroes films are produced by Dil Raju who even owns theaters across Nizam, Bandla Ganesh who says he is getting his funds from real estate and poultry business and Bellamkonda Suresh.
Even though these people suffered some huge losses, they struck back and each ot these top film makers have minimum of five projects in hand. When Gabbar Singh became sensational hit, many raised questions on Bandla Ganesh’s source of income and some even accused him of being APPCC’s chief Botsa Satyanarayana. Now tollywood film makers stopped revealing their profits for the fear of attracting IT department’s attention. and thus invite raids on them. This happened during ‘Dookudu’ and later for ‘Business Man’ film makers. Whatever may be the statements of the film makers there are many uncleared doubts in the minds of movie lovers who say Film Making is a Mystery!