‘Na Mind Dobbaledu’

After working together for sensational films such as Shiva, Antham, Govinda Govinda, the devil combo of Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Varma is back after nearly 28 years. The film was launched amidst much anticipation with RGV’s mother Suryavathi sounding the clapboard on Nag.

At the launch Nag mouthed the film’s dialogue, “Nenu Adigina Prasna Ku Samadhanam Cheppina Cheppakapoyina Ninnu Champadam Guarantee. Entha Twaraga Chebithe, Antha Twaraga, Takkuva Noppitho Chasthav. Choose.”

Interacting with media after the film’s inauguration, Nag said, “First of all, I’d like to clarify all of you that I haven’t not lost my mind. I’m fine. (Naku Mind Dobbaledu. Na Mind Bagane Vundi)”

Nagarjuna continued, “After a longtime, I’ve woken up at 4 AM with a lot of excitement. I wish everyday would be like today. During Shiva, I had not bothered about hit or flop. I went by my gut. I’m not bothered about it even today. Because, that’s the kind of trust we have between Ramu and me. An artiste gets maturity at 28 years. When I was 28, Shiva happened to me. And exactly after another 28 years, this film with Ramu is rolling on. I’m doing the film with double maturity. RGV is making the film with utmost sincerity. I’m looking forward to the shoot of a few scenes narrated by Ramu. The shoot begins from today and will lasts for 10 days. After the release of Hello, the film’s second schedule will begin which will be the final schedule. The film’s shoot will end with that.”

Touted to be a cop drama, the film is about a sincere cop who believes in his own philosophy. It is said to be a unique concept.