Nadamuri Natasimha proves as Paper Tiger ?

Movie lovers and Nandamuri fans go wild listening to the volley of powerful dialogues Natasimha Balakrishna unleashes on silver screen.He became box office bonanza and has delivered many sensational and stunning hits much to the delight of his fans. Film makers insist on script writers preparing powerful punch dialogues to satisfy Nandamuri fans.His films feature him in powerful roles fighting for the cause of poor and needy people and when he breaths fire with breathless dialogues without battling an eyelid, theaters will be resounding with claps and whistles from masses.
But the scene would be entirely different when he speaks at audio functions or public meetings. He will be searching for words and many are left wondering what happened to his powerful and extempore dialogue delivery. His opponents will be making fun of the hero mocking his style of public speaking which dearly hurts his fans but can’t do much about that. Many criticize Natasimha and his reel antics in real life branding him as paper tiger. It gives an impression that Balayya is comfortable with prepared speeches than speaking extempore. It is well known that script writers give stars dialogues of their roles in advance and they get time to prepare before the scenes were shot which is not the case while speaking extempore in public. One has to wait and see whether Balakrishna will make any attempt to change his style.