Why Nag Ashwin and the Dutt Sisters are Special

Of late, there have been many biopics announced in Tollywood. One is the biopic on NTR being helmed by Teja and the other is the one on YSR being helmed by Mahi V Raghav. And finally, there is one on actress Savithri which is releasing next month and is directed by Nag Ashwin.

While the biopics on NTR and YSR obviously have a political agenda to them judging by the fact that they have been timed for an election release, the biopic on legendary actress Savithri titled Mahanati is indeed special. Why?

Unlike the biopics on NTR and YSR, Mahanati is a case of art for art’s sake. Neither the director Nag Ashwin, nor the producers Priyanka and Swapna Dutt, the daughters of Ashwini Dutt, belong to Savitri’s caste or have any ulterior motive for telling this story.

In other words, this biopic is not a case of self dabba. Savitri is unarguably the finest actress to have graced the silver screen in South cinema and the biopic is indeed a heartwarming tribute to the legend.

In the male-dominated world of films, Savitri created a niche for herself and all kudos to Nag Ashwin, Priyanka and Swapna Dutt for bringing her story alive on screen. There can be no greater tribute to womanhood.