Nag delinking political links ?

King Nagarjuna has mesmerizing aura which attracts all towards him. Spell of Manmadhudu is mind blowing and it will be difficult for anyone to come out of it. This unique quality of him pays rich dividends in form of creative and innovative offers to him and also with all beautiful heroines vying with each other to romance him. He always is and will be the toast of Tollywood and envy of other heroes. How ever this same quality sometimes gets him into trouble. Even many top corporate leaders and politicians meet him on one pretext or the other and movie closely with him.

This way he created storm of sorts which his political leanings with all top politicians. Now it seems he is trying to delink his political links. When asked the present state of Andhra Pradesh, he bluntly said it was horrible. When surprised scribes asked him how come he was so bold, he said had the earlier govt acted with some foresight, there wouldn’t have been such acute power shortage.
When asked his political friendships, he confesses that Chandrababu, Jagan, Kiran Kumar and Chiranjeevi are his good friends. But he tries to distance himself from political questions and says he will be speaking with them on topics other than politics. He says he will inquire with CM Kiran when he will be playing Cricket etc. Many wonder why Nag is giving such lame excuses which even kids won’t believe.