Nag-Mahi’s new found love

The heading may be misleading and some may even mistake it for Nagarjuna, Tollywood Manmadhudu might be in love with Bollywood beauty Mahie Gill. This is not their fault as the moment one read or hear about word ‘Love’ they tend to think about only females.
However King Nagarjuna is in love with Team India Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Many may wonder what was common between them which resulted in this new found love, then here is the answer. King Nagarjuna and Dashing Dhoni have one thing in common and that is bike racing. While Dhoni always zooms past in Ranchi in sophisticated bikes, Nag does that in his films.
Nag is so smitten by bikes that he along with MSD is entering into partnership and are all set to compete in bike racing championships. They have already formed a team of ‘MSDRN-Racing Team India’ and will be competing for top honors in FIM super sports world championships. The championships have 17 races and they are making their debut in 10th race. Dhoni-Nag team comprises of bike riders Florian Marino of France and Don Linput from Britain. Dhoni’s manager Arun Pandey will be Managing Director and Nagarjuna will be the Director for the team.