Nag takes inspiration from Balakrishna

Recreating the feel of a devotional and ancient mythology is frightening job for director and same applies for lead actors who portray the pillar characters in them. Unfortunately we have only people like Balakrishna and nagarjuna trying to give their 100% to bring back a golden era in Tollywood. Insiders say that while playing ‘Annamayya’ or ‘Sri Rama Dasu’ and now ‘Shirdi Sai,’ hero nagarjuna transforms his life style completely entering into a spiritual mood to exemplify emotions on the screen.

Apparently, Balayya Babu playing Lord Sri Rama in ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ is much more of a perfectionist act. That is why…Nag is heard to have taken much more inspiration (on the sets and off the sets) looking at Balakrishna which is helping him a lot in going smoothly as ‘Shirdi Sai.’ Well, Mastering is an Art and Nag continues to Master it learning good qualities from his contemporaries.