Naga Chaitanya comes before anything: Samantha

Actress Samantha said she has tried to be extremely normal for her role in the movie ‘U Turn.’Speaking about the film, Samantha said, “I know director Pawan Kumar since his ‘Lucia.’When ‘U Turn’ trailer (Kannada version) was released, I really liked it and irrespective of the movie’s result, I have made up my mind to do this film in both Tamil and Telugu.”

She opined that ‘U Turn’ has universal content.

“The story itself is the hero and a thriller genre has no culture. Whether it’s my character or Aadhi or Rahul, we just took the story forward,” stated Samantha.About working experience with senior actress Bhumika, Samantha said, “When you see her, she is very calm yet strong woman. For this film we needed such personality and she is just perfect in her role, especially in the climax episode.”

Lastly Samantha said her husband Naga Chaitanya comes before anything.