Naga Makes Right Decision after Hat-trick Flops

Stars who talk more or show attitude or express jealousy towards other actors generally get rejection from the audiences. Many incidents in the past prove this point.The latest one to get backlash from the audiences is Naga Shaurya, the young handsome actor who just released his movie ‘Narthanasala’.Amidst high expectations and grand publicity, it hit the screens last weekend worldwide. At USA, box-office, the film has been rejected.

The film has failed to cash in on the long weekend mood in USA. It just collected $45k in its first weekend, whereas ‘Geetha Govindam’ grossed more than $150k dollars in its third weekend taking its total cumulative gross to $2.35 million.One good decision that Naga Shaurya did regarding this film is he has realized that the film has bombed on the very first day.

He understood that it is a flop as the film didn’t even get decent openings in Andhra and in Hyderabad. So, his team didn’t convene false success meets on the second day.For Naga Shaurya, this is hat-trick flop this year after ‘Ammamma Gaarillu’ and ‘Kanam’.