Naga Shaurya Demanding 4 Crs?

Even though he had made silverscreen debut in 2011, Naga Shaurya had to wait till 2014 to score his first hit with Oohalu Gusagusalade. After a few average movies, Shaurya scored yet another hit in 2016 with Jyo Atchyuthananda. Then came the biggest blockbuster of his career ‘Chalo’ in February this year.

Chalo was Shaurya’s home production and the film went on to collect more than 12 crores in its full run. Thanks to this super success, Shaurya is back in the game and he is being approached by established production houses and talented filmmakers with exciting scripts.

Cashing in on this craze, Shaurya is reportedly demanding a whopping 4 crores per film. Apparently, he quoted this amount when noted producer Anand Prasad of Bhavya Creations approached Shaurya. Buzz is that he will stick to the same price tag for outside producers. Meanwhile, the actor recently launched his second home production Narthanasala.