Nagababu’s Severe Warning To Mega Fans


‘Will Pawan spare someone who blames Chiru? Or will Annayya spares someone who blasts Pawan? Both will unite and bash them all. Politically we chose different ways, but we’re three brothers without boundaries’, said Nagababu in an emotional tone, asking Chiru and Pawan fans to not take pot shots at other mega-brothers.

Speaking at the occasion of cake-cutting on behalf of various ‘mega’ fans associations at Chiranjeevi Blood Bank as today happens to be Pawan’s birthday, Mega Brother has warned fans who are taking pot-shots at other mega heroes. Ever since Pawan Kalyan has come up with ‘Janasena’, mega fans have taken sides, some becoming Pawanism followers and few turning Exclusive Charan Fans (ECF), while others remained with ‘Rashtra Chiranjeevi Yuvatha’ that supports all the mega heroes.

Though Chiru declared that none can separate Pawan from him, these ego-clashes between mega fans led to scene where Pawan’s fans criticize Charan and ECF nails Pawan’s acts. Observing this situation from the banks, Nagababu has today urged all the mega fans to stay together, and warned action against those who criticize other mega-heroes on social platforms.