Nagarjuna is the best among the TOP 4

Nagarjuna couldn’t enjoy the mass following as Chiranjeevi or Balakrishna did. He didn’t have the success rate of Venkatesh either. However, he had been on top by making path breaking films and also regular commercial potboilers. Nagarjuna was regarded as one of the pillars of Tollywood for over a period of two decades.
Now with the Top 4 have gone aside and are failing to compete with the younger stars, it is time to look back at the achievements of these veterans. Chiranjeevi ruled the roost and was an undisputed king while he was limited to cine field. Entering politics has brought down his image and fan following. He has become laughing stock in politics and every Tom, Dick and Harry has thrown mud on him.
Balakrishna is still doing films that doesn’t suit his age and is being humiliated time and again. Adhinayakudu having no takers has worsened things for him. Venkatesh too is not doing films that suit his age. Acting opposite very young heroines is not earning him any respect.
Among all the four, Nagarjuna realized that he can’t do so called romantic or commercial films anymore and he started heading in a different path before someone shows him one. He also knows that everybody doesn’t fit in politics and is staying away from direct politics. He has always been a thinking hero and that is finally getting his due as public agree that he is the best strategic hero among the celebrated four.