Nagarjuna keeps them away !

King Nagarjuna is known for his different business plans both in films and at other ventures. His recent plan of no to many regular things of his luxurious life made people drop their jaws. Apparently, Nagarjuna is head saying no to all kinds of ‘enjoyable’ events in his routine. Other than attending marriages and inaugural events, he is keeping Pubs, Gyms and Girl Friends at bay. Provided with his magnetic, it is difficult for him to keep happening girls of the tinsel town at a distance, they say. Generally all these girl friends are found more at Pubs and Gyms that are visited for relaxation and health respectively.

However, Nag has been avoiding all these stuff completely for the sake of ‘Saibaba’ movie. As the flick is a devotional one, Nag wants to do it in a more ethnic and realistic way by getting into the shoes of God Saibaba.He is known for his roles of serious God followers like Annamayya and Sriramadasu, while this is the first time he himself is playing a God. Given his dedication for the role, Film circuit is praising him with appreciation!!