Nagarjuna puts an end to speculation

To put an end to the speculation in Media about his political entry, Akkineni Nagarjuna has chosen the social networking platform.

The senior hero made it clear that he is not gonna enter politics. “I am not getting into politics….thank you,” tweeted Nag.
During the inauguration of Kalyan jewellers showroom in Tirupati on Saturday, Nag made some interesting comments about politics. “I like politics and I am a keen observer of politics. But don’t know if I’m suitable for it or not,” said Nag, when he was asked by a reporter
whether he would make an entry into active politics.
The media has blown Nagarjuna’s comments out of proportion by reporting that the actor will plunge into politics soon. But, Nag is quick to react to put an end to the speculation. Seems like, Nag is of the opinion that ‘Business’ suits him to a tee, but not ‘Politics’!!!