Nagarjuna’ revenue plan for ‘Shiridi Sai’

King Nagarjuna is not only just wooing youths and college going girls at the moment, but his target is bigger than one expects. As a part of revenue generation, he is now focusing on car drivers, it appears.
Nagarjuna’s latest movie ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ is all set to hit the tinsel town with its striking audio in a couple of days. Music scored by Keeravani is said to be both melodious and inspirational for devotional fans. However, there are no buyers for audio cassettes and CDs of any audio these days irrespective of the success of music. Except auto drivers and call-taxi owners, most others are not showing interest to buy CDs as they can simply download from internet.
It is now heard that Nagarjuna has been planning with the makers and audio company to release the audio CDs of ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ movie at cheap cost. This will not only increase the revenue, but will make the audio go deep into different types of audiences who travel in autos and cabs. Once the audio rocks like ‘Annamaya’ and ‘Sri Ramadasu’, it will be easy for the producers to recollect their investment.
Seems like, Nagarjuna has got a good experience in sending music of devotional movies deep into audience. Hence Nag is doing all these preparations to save his producer.