Nagarjuna rubbishes Rumors on Casino !

The actor has rubbished reports that he is about to start a casino in Goa. “I am shocked to hear such things. I have never even thought of such a thing in my life. I am not going to open a casino or a resort in Goa although I have invested in hotels and realty,” he said.Tollywood stars have been known to frequent casinos whenever they are shooting in Las Vegas or other such places. Nagarjuna too has been to casinos, but “not to gamble”. The actor said he has been to casinos to observe the place and the mood of the people.
“But I have never been able to stay for more than 10 to 15 minutes. I may be rich and can afford a few games, but personally, I don’t believe in blowing up hard-earned money to a quirk of chance. I have always kept a safe distance from such dens,” he said.He claimed that he has never gambled on card games either. “Cards is another addiction and I have seen people cursing it. I have never played cards for betting. I would prefer to watch a movie or read a book instead of wasting money and time on cards,” he said.
Talking about films today, Nagarjuna blamed the SMS culture for hurting box office collections. “We used to have good initial collections but now viewers SMS their opinion to friends as soon as they come out of the theatres.That has dented our collections. Personally, I have also returned a few times from the theatre without watching a film after receiving an SMS from a friend about a particular film.
Watching a bad film is tiresome and I don’t blame viewers for opting out. But novel themes are still patronised by audiences and it’s a good sign,” he said.Nagarjuna will be soon seen in the socio-fantasy Damararukam, devotional saga Shirdi Sai and a love story. “I have always tried to mix the genres of my films and this time it’s happening back-to-back.”