Nagarjuna To Set Up Casino In Goa

Goa is known as the sin city of India given its luxurious beaches and the fun parties that take place. It is also the hub for many Bollywood celebrities to have their private bashes and even our Telugu folks have their shootings there. Another noted reason why Goa is making its mark is for its casino and there are many who visit Goa just for indulging in the gambling.
Making note of that, it is now heard that King Nagarjuna is keen on setting up a casino to make more money. Currently, Casino Royale is number 1 in Goa but sources say Nag wants to come up with something much better than that. Buzz is that he wants to invite all cine folks from different industries and create hungama.
As such, Nag has been known for his sharp business acumen and wherever he has invested, he made good profits. Now, if the grapevine about him starting a casino is true then it would be a new chapter. No prizes for guessing what would be the possible name for this casino. Could be ‘N’ Casino!!