Nagarjuna’s Love For Black-Shirt !

Lots of people generally follow the styles and costumes of Celebrities without any second that. That is why they say cinema haves a great impact on the audiences.
The ‘King’ of Telugu cinema is known for his stylish dressing on-screen and lots of aged men used to imitate him in that. But on the personal front, Nag is something opposite to the color wardrobe he generally prefers in movies. The actor loves to wear a full sleeved black shirt that has a grey stripe running through the button line.
At most celebrity events and high profile weddings, the romantic star always dresses in a black shirt and black trouser. Black is said to be his favorite color and the star-hero has no sentiment in using this color which is considered as unlucky in Hindu culture. Even at the age of 52, Nag’s stylish looks in formal wear with a tucked shirt and semi-folded sleeve stands inspiration for youth too!