Nagarjuna’s Niece To Handle Film Industry’s Image

Almost all other heroes out there responded other day to Pawan Kalyan’s arrival at film chamber. But few gossips started doing rounds that Nagarjuna don’t want to put his finger into the controversies and hence his family stayed away from the whole feat. There is no truth in this, however.

As Nagarjuna’s upcoming film “Officer” is directed by Ram Gopal Varma, and the star hero is silent, these types of rumours are mushrooming. But in reality, the Akkineni hero sent his niece Supriya to take part in the discussions that have happened other day at Film Chamber. She has joined her one and only onscreen hero Pawan Kalyan other day.

Today’s update is that Supriya is going to head a committee that will directly report to Film Chamber and will take care of film industry’s image when it comes to tackling women (actresses) related issues and other things. Also, she will be now picking up a team to represent Telugu film industry in media discussions.

With Pawan Kalyan asking Film Chamber for a quick action as some anchors are maligning industry name by calling actresses as whores and some live debates continuously projecting Tollywood as a murky place, it seems like Telugu biggies have now decided to form committees and solve issues.