Nagarjuna’s Shiridi Sai Movie Review – 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5/5
Banner: Sri Sai Krupa Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.
Cast: Nagarjuna, Srikanth, Sneha, Kamalini Mukherjee and others
Cinematography: S. Gopal Reddy
Art: Sri.Bhaskar Raju, Srikanth
Editing: Shravan
Music: Keeravani
Producer: A.Mahesh Reddy
Screenplay- Direction: Raghavender Rao
Dialogues: Parchuri Brothers
CBFC rating: U
Release date: 06-09-2012

Synopsis –
There have been several prior depictions on the life and times of SADGURU SAI BABA on celluloid in quite a few languages. But why this version stands out is, for its unique approach, presentation, uses of technology, and of course portrayal of Baba by one of the greatest actors of our times – Shri NAGARJUNA. The film has been directed by one of India’s most successful directors – Shri K.RAGHAVENDRA RAO. Producers of the movie Shri Mahesh Reddy and Shri Girish Reddy have set up rich production standards.
Nagarjuna as Shiridi SaiShirdi Sai Baba is widely accepted as the 6th incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. At a tender age of 16yrs Baba arrived at the village of Shirdi. He was found wandering about outskirts of the village, and was often seen sitting under a neem tree eating leaves. After a brief stay there, he disappeared for a long period, only to suddenly reappear to a muslim- Chand Patil. Patil was searching for his lost horse, and Baba leads him to his horse. Thrilled, Patil asks him to travel with his entourage for a marriage in his family.
The moment he sets foot in Shirdi, miracles begin to happen. Baba decides to stay in Shirdi. Baba makes a dilapidated mosque his home. More and more people became his devotees and started tidying up the place. The mosque soon became a holy place and Baba named it DWARAKAMAI, where everyone irrespective of their caste or creed was welcome.
Devotees used to bring him food every day. But he preferred to go around the village begging for alms. When asked why Baba begs for food, when he could create anything with his powers, he says by doing this he was taking away all the sins committed by people. Through this he also made people realize the importance of “anna daanam”.
Baba believed in celebrating URUS and SHRI RAMA NAVAMI together with muslims and hindus thereby teaching everyone communal harmony.As the story unfolds, many more significant and interesting aspects of Baba’s life are narrated in a captivating manner.Right from the British officer- Wales- clicking Baba’s only existing photo- to Baba’s soul travelling the three worlds in 72 hours- to the Nagpur multi-millionaire Booti proposing to build a Krishna Mandiram in Shirdi- right down to Baba’s Mahaasamaadhi.
All devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba would be overwhelmed with happiness and be blessed by watching this masterpiece.

Nagarjuna proved the actor in him portraying the role to perfection. His radiant eyes, subtle expressions, the pain and joy in his actions prove that Nagarjuna lives the role and has poured oodles of devotion into the whole act.
Srikanth as Dasaganu, Sri Hari as Wales, Brahmanandham as Sandeham, Kamalini as Radha Krishna Mai, Shiyaji Shinde as Bhatia, Sharath Babu as Mahalsapathi, Tanikella Bharani as Bhooti, Vinaya Prasad as Bayijya Bai are good in their roles.

Nagarjuna’s action
Climax sequence
Keeravani’s Music and BGM
Situational Songs
Screenplay, Direction and Cinematography
Technical aspects

Over make up in some situations
Slow paced story
unnecessary Comedy track

Shirdi Sai takes into a different mood and world right after the beginning. Director tried to give some clues about the origin of Shirdi Sai, which is still a mystery. Story moves along at a quick pace with nice usage of songs at the right places.Sai Baba’s teachings about life are uplifting. His confrontation with Nanavali (played by Sai kumar) is one of the best scenes in the film. There are some good dialogues in this scene. Despite the weak comedy track, first half impresses with neat orientation.

Second half is even better. Director makes sure that this half is wrapped up within an hour and hence the audiences don’t get bored at all. There are some touching scenes in this hour. Climax sequence is the best of the lot.Shirdi Sai will appeal to the target audience and has good chances to make good money at the box office. Watch it if you are devotee of Shirdi Sai

Given the budget and huge popularity of Sai Baba in AP, ‘Shirdi Sai’ can be a commercially viable venture. On the other side, audiences will easily flow down to theatres with bliss-ful expectations to watch the miracles and life of Sai Baba.