Nagarjuna’s Warning To Heroine’s Husband

It is an age old open secret that Nagarjuna has been the godfather to Anushka. There are many who say Anushka doesn’t sign the dotted line for a film unless she gets clearance from Nag. And there are those who say if one has to get in touch with Anushka, one has to go through Nag first.

Right now, the focus is on one man and some say he is likely to face some music from Nag. His name is Sundar C and he is better known as the husband of actress Khushbu. Apparently, Sundar is a director in Kollywood and he has the onus of introducing Anushka in Tamil.

However, it is heard that Sundar is miffed with Anushka as she declined to work for a project of his recently. While he has been expressing his displeasure, there are those who say if Nag gets to know that Sundar C has crossed the line then he might give a solid warning. Few cine folks mention that though Nag looks mild, when he gives a dynamite it sure is wild. Watch out Sundar!!