Nagpur Detective says CBI JD is Romeo

Some active media houses have started digging into the call-leak scam undertaken by few sleuths to take pot shots at an honest officer. The findings revealed the treacherous acts of an industrialist involved in Emaar Scam.
According to a media report, an active Nagpur detective is said to be involved in bringing out the call-list of JD Lakshmi Narayana and his friend Chandrabala. According to this detective, JD is referred to him as a ‘Romeo’ and ‘eve teaser’ for which he has got into action to reveal the cell phone call list. The data is then handed over to a SP cadre officer and then to a CI of Narsing police station from which a media-house reporter has collected it.
Chandrabala has already filed her complaint in this case and the probe is on. What looks more stupid is naming country’s top level investigation officer as a ‘Romeo’. Are we not losing moralities?