Nag’s comments vs Viswabrahmins reactions!!

King Nagarjuna is a cool customer and be it his films or his commercial endorsements or interactions with the media, he is always in a sober mood. However, he is being seen in the small screen circuit lately with a special feature and that has raised the eyebrows of a particular community.
Apparently, Nag has been coming up with an ad and he is shouting his lungs out about authenticity of gold and how that must be checked at all times. He also quips about how people are taken for a ride by the jewellers. While his concern is understood, it is heard that mixed reactions are coming from different sections.
The Viswabrahmin community is the traditional goldsmiths. Usually they supply finished products to jewellery shops in the city. While some say Nag seems to be questioning their credentials, others say all he was trying to do was create an awareness. Wonder what Nag has to say to this.