Nag’s Explanation on Hello Teaser Controversy

Responding to the teaser controversy, Nag set the record straight stating that neither director Vikram Kumar not music director Anoop Rubens has any role in it. He said that the teaser was edit by another person (teaser editor) and the background tune was bought from a Hongkong based agency that has connections with Hollywood.

Nag said that Anoop was unavailable then as he was then busy working on the film’s background score. According to Nagarjuna, the communication gap between the Hongkong agency and the original composers resulted in the unwanted controversy. Nag said that when the incident took place, it was night time there and people were sleeping and hence it took six hours to resolve the issue. Nag said that he entrusted the task to Anoop to compose for the trailer.

Nag said that Hello will hit the screens on Dec 22 as planned. He said that the holidays could accommodate more films and audiences would welcome all the films if they’re good. Nag said that he is happy with the shaping up of Hello. However, he admitted that he is tensed up to the film’s release on how the film would be received.