Naidu Backstabbed Us: Farmers

Farmers of Venkatapalem village expressed anguish at the haughty attitude of Chandrababu Naidu. “We voted for TDP because he promised to waive off our loans. But he has done nothing of that sort. On top of that, he now wants to claim our lands in the name of constructing a capital for the new State. 
Not only has he failed to live up to his loan waiver promise, he is now threatening our very livelihood. How can he backstab us like this? How can we trust a person who doesn’t live up to his promise?”, questioned the farmers. They were also highly peeved at being summoned to Hyderabad for talking to Naidu. “It is he who needs our lands. 
Why do we have to go and meet him in Hyderabad? Can’t he come to our villages and address our concerns?”, said the villagers. Congress Party MLC, C Ramachandraiah fired on Naidu for his policy. “Why does he need so much land in the first place? And why agricultural lands when drier lands are available?”, questioned Ramachandraiah.