Naidu provides high security to Pawan!

Actor-turned-Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan has been attacking Telugu Desam Party and its president N Chandrababu Naidu since his public meeting at Guntur on March 14. He has described Naidu as the most inefficient ruler and his son Lokesh as the corrupt person.

Yet, Naidu government on Monday extended a big favour to Pawan Kalyan. It has provided high security cover to the actor-politician. In all, four armed police security personnel would guard Pawan Kalyan in two shifts.

The decision was taken following a representation from Pawan to Director General of Police V Malakondaiah before the public meeting at Guntur in the wake of massive crowd turn out for his meetings. It was at the same meeting did Pawan came down heavily on Naidu.

In fact, Naidu government has no obligation to provide security to Pawan. For, he is not an elected representative yet and his party does not have any representation in either legislative assembly or the council and not even in the municipalities.

His only identify so far is that he is a popular actor and as such, he has his own private security to protect him.

Yet, the government provided security him. It is not known whether Naidu is trying to pamper Pawan again to prevent him from going towards the BJP and YSRCP.