Naidu Serious Over MP’s Non-Serious Talk!

A video clipping of Telugu Desam Party MPs making fun of their colleague C M Ramesh’s indefinite fast for Kadapa steel plant during their tour to Delhi on Thursday turned out to be a big embarrassment to party president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.The video clip shows how the MPs were cracking jokes on Ramesh’s fast stating that it was a good way of reducing overweight.

Rajahmundry MP M Murali Mohan was seen saying he, too, wanted to fast for a week as he wanted to lose weight by five to six kgs.This has led to the impression that Ramesh’s fast was just a farcical exercise, lacking any seriousness in resolving the problem of achieving steel plant for Kadapa.

The media reports over the TDP MP’s non-serious comments infuriated Naidu.He took a serious class to the MPs during a teleconference on Friday, asking him why the hell they should have such a silly talk at a time when their colleague’s fast entered 10th day.“We are fighting for a serious cause. What message are you giving my cracking jokes on the indefinite fast?,” he asked.

When Murali Mohan tried to clarify that it was just a fun talk and was not aimed at making any comments on Ramesh’s fast, Naidu pulled him up.“Even if it is a fun talk, you should not indulge in making such comments,” Naidu said.The MP said the video clip was distorted and only some parts of their conversation was released after editing.

“Whoever has shot the video has done it deliberately to malign the TDP,” he said.The chief minister said he would get the entire episode enquired and take appropriate action if the edited video clip is released deliberately.